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Hallmark Information

Hallmark Information

Ask if it’s hallmarked. It’s your guarantee! 

A hallmark is an independent statement of a precious metal’s purity and authenticity, providing traceability but also an insight into the history of an individual piece of jewellery. Modern UK hallmarks are issued by one of four remaining assay offices, located in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Sheffield.

assay office marks

Left to right: London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh.

UK law states articles described as gold, platinum, palladium or silver above specified exemption weights must be hallmarked, but there are exceptions to these rules, making it even more important that the highest level of trust exists between jewellers and consumers.


Jewellery manufactured before 1950 is exempt from hallmarking, as long as the seller can prove it is the stated purity and was manufactured before this date. In most cases, quality vintage and antique jewellery bears an assay mark, though in it is not always as comprehensive as the modern standard, for example an antique ring may be marked ‘18CT PLAT’ but not have a full assay and sponsor mark.


We thoroughly examine all jewellery in our collection to ensure strict compliance with UK hallmarking legislation and offer our unconditional guarantee to underwrite the authenticity of every piece we sell, so you can make those special purchases with complete confidence.

Louis Meyer uses the Edinburgh Assay Office to test and assay pieces requiring a hallmark and are proud to be accredited by their Assay Assured trustmark scheme following the strict code of conduct for quality assurance and consumer protection against fake and counterfeit jewellery.

Hallmark Notice

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