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valuations for jewellery insurance

Valuations for Insurance at Louis Meyer

Jewellery, Diamond and Gemstone insurance for your precious items

At Louis Meyer we can provide an accurate and up to date insurance valuation schedule for your jewellery and watches which is required by most insurers when making a claim. We recommend a review of your jewellery and watch insurance schedule every three years to keep abreast of changing market conditions, or when you add new pieces to your collection. A jewellery and watch valuation provides proof of ownership as well as up to date replacement costs.  

NRV (New Replacement Value) – the cost of an identical, like for like new equivalent piece or model at current market values or RRP.

SHRV (Secondhand Replacement Value) – the cost of an antique, pre owned or vintage piece or discontinued model only replaceable on the secondhand market.Louis Meyer

While most valuers charge a percentage of the overall insurance valuation, at Louis Meyer, we agree a fixed fee upfront so you know the costs beforehand. We will gladly provide insurance valuations for pieces purchased from us free of charge upon request.

Check your policy – many home insurance policies automatically cover items up to a certain value within the general contents and so you may not need to have single items of jewellery under this threshold individually itemised. Collectively however, the value of these pieces could be significant and therefore a comprehensive valuation of your whole collection may be needed.

Have your jewellery inspected regularly – Having your jewellery inspected on a regular basis may help identify any damage or wear that could result in the loss or partial loss of a piece. An early repair could avoid having to claim on your policy which will keep the cost of your future premiums down.

Photograph your jewellery & watches - We can always do this for you as part of a valuation schedule. In the event of theft, loss or damage, the easiest way to prove what you have owned is to have photographic evidence. 

Keep receipts, warranty cards & certificates – Your original purchase receipt, paperwork/ warranty cards and gemstone grading reports may be required by some insurers in the event of making a claim, especially for luxury watches.

Consider a specialist insurer – Specialist jewellery and watch insurers like TH March offer many advantages, especially for high value pieces and collections. Use code AJ259T for preferential rates at

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