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5 Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Jewellery

Here at Louis Meyer, we hope our love of pre-owned jewellery is clear to see. Not only is it refreshing to have access to an extensive catalogue of styles and era's, but the quality of materials and craftsmanship can be far superior to what is on offer in new jewellery retailers. Below we delve a little deeper into 5 great benefits of shopping pre-owned jewellery. 

1. Value

As much as we love the designs and quality of pre-owned jewellery, we have to talk about the great value for money in shopping in this way. As with all new items, the price of a new piece will reflect the overheads of the seller you buy from, whereas when shopping second hand, the price will closer reflect the gemstones and materials of the piece itself. This applies to jewellery from designer brands too, and often you will see the same beautiful items heavily discounted in the store of a second hand seller.

2. Sustainability

The origins and environmental impact of the items we buy and use are becoming more and more important to many of us. The process of mining diamonds, gemstones and metals is one that takes its toll on the environment and historically with questionable ethics. Shopping pre-owned jewellery lowers the demands of these commodities and therefore the negative effects on our surroundings.

3. Quality

"They just don't make them like they used to." As a nation, we have an appreciation and strong affinity to items from a bygone era - cars, antiques, fashion. Fine jewellery and luxury watches are no exception. The time, attention and skill of the hands of the artisans that created these intricate pieces using traditional methods just cannot be replaced with modern techniques used to produce jewellery today. 

4. Individuality

As you would expect, the majority of pieces that are available to buy new will be in line with current trends and fashion. This isn't necessarily a negative point, however it does mean pieces across different designers and stores can be a little "samey". For those of us with a specific style in mind and the desire to stand out from the crowd, shopping in vintage and second hand establishments present an opportunity to pick up something truly special and unique, that will compliment any ensemble.

5. Beauty

Each piece of pre-owned jewellery has a story to tell, whether it has been a much loved ring worn everyday or a necklace that was saved for special occasions. There is beauty in imperfection and the patina of a vintage item gives it a magic and charm that simply cannot be captured by newer pieces. Delicate details showcasing skilled craftsmanship make these pieces truly stands out for all the right reasons.

Our collections of diamond and fine jewellery and watches are constantly being updated with one off pieces and we are confident you will discover something you love. Check back regularly to find the next unique item for your collection.

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