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What to Consider When Shopping Vintage

Part of the fun of shopping a vintage piece of jewellery is the exploration and discovery. The one-off items on offer make the search all that more exciting and with special pieces getting snapped up quickly, its even more reason to make vintage shopping a regular pastime. Here we dive into things to look out for when you do find that piece that really speaks to you.

Questions, Questions, Questions.

When something catches your eye, try to glean as much information as possible from the seller or dealer. What era is the piece from? Does it have particular meaning or an outstanding detail? How delicate is it and how much wear is it suitable for? Is it likely to hold its value? The more you understand about a pieces history and story, the better position you are to make an informed decision. 

Look For A Hallmark

A hallmark is the global certification for authenticity of the purity of metals present. Your dealer will be able to talk you through the meaning of the symbols, but our handy guide will help you to feel clued up. Ask to see the hallmark - although bear in mind that especially on pieces that date back to earlier periods, hallmarks may become illegible due to heavy wear or repairs that may have taken place. Your seller should be able to explain in more detail relevant to the specific item

Ask For A Certificate

We speak about the importance of certified diamonds here, but all genuine gemstones should come with a certificate to verifies its authenticity and weight. Diamonds certification will verify the 4C's to include the stones clarity, colour and cut. Your item should come with the original certificate, so be sure to ask for it.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a specific item you have seen on our online store, and you can be rest assured that every piece comes with the Louis Meyer Guarantee.

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